Tots Corner has offered early childhood education and care to the local North Shore community since September 1993 and is supported by families, extended families, local residents and businesses who actively participate in many ways, in the lives of children and teachers at the centre. We offer care and education for children from 6 months to school age in a purposefully converted villa in Northcote. The centre is organised into three main spaces, comprising infants/young toddlers, 2 -3 ½ year olds, and children aged 3 ½ to school age. Each group has a stable team of teachers working with them and there are also opportunities for both adults and children of all age groups to be together.

All teachers are qualified and registered; dedicated to providing a high quality service for children and their families. Teachers skillfully support children to learn through meaningful activities and experiences, supporting them to develop their capabilities in using tools and materials, making a range of connections, exploring ideas and working collaboratively with other children. Teachers base centre routines for infants on the child’s own home routines. We understand that an unhurried day is more comfortable for children and adults. We know that transitions and routines can happen at natural moments, providing a background framework rather than a fixed daily structure. We value care moments as precious opportunities for learning and building strong relationships.

The environment is a very important part of the programme and, as a result, emphasis is placed on the provision of a beautiful, stimulating setting carefully arranged to invite exploration and the development of ideas. Recycled materials, furniture, art objects and treasures contribute to the programme provoking children’s imagination, creativity and wonder. Ideas of sustainability are promoted offering a mechanism for parents, children and teachers to contribute to the life of the centre.

At Tots Corner learning is viewed as a collaborative process that occurs when the perspectives of parents, children and teachers are equally valued and shared. We encourage and appreciate parents’ participation in their children’s learning and assessment. Open communication is supported by weekly newsletters emailed to parents highlighting significant aspects of the programme, inviting parents’ insights and or supporting relations to specific investigations. Each child has a detailed Portfolio that aims to capture the multiple dimensions of, and progressions in the child’s learning and development. Learning stories are emailed to parents and their thoughts and ideas are most welcome.